Brovedani: the desire to keep on course

2020 will go down in history as the most difficult year since 1945. Also for a manufacturing group like Brovedani that is used to rising to the stiffest organizational and technological challenges with precision down to a tenth of a micron, the invisible enemy represented by Covid 19 constitutes an unprecedented challenge because of all the imponderable variables.

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With ICM for Kadmos: culture without frontiers

Investing in culture is an important choice for Zollia Holding, on two conditions: promoting through culture the growth of the area and the persons who work there; promoting ideas with a high rate of innovation, in accordance with the philosophy of the holding and of the subsidiary Group.

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The new website: the commitment to communicate

By publishing the new website, Zollia Holding embarked on a communication journey that will also involve the subsidiary Brovedani Group and today pursues three objectives:     

  • presenting the philosophy, the business culture, the strategic direction and the governance of the holding;
  • announcing with transparency and continuity: choices, decisions, activities, appointments and reports that relate to the holding, its dealings with the Brovedani Group and the stakeholders in general;
  • having a channel that enhances and expresses the sense and the aims of the participation of the holding and the Zollia family in entrepreneurial, social and cultural projects where it is a promoter or player.
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