Change in leadership, a sign of continuity

The latter part of 2021 has seen a renewal of the Members of the Board of Directors of Zollia Holding. After fifty years of leadership, first as the head of the Brovedani Group and then of the Holding, Benito Zollia is leaving the office of Chairman of the family company to take on the role of Honorary Chairman. He is succeeded by his son Massimiliano, with Alberto Ricci as Vice-Chairman, and Alberto Felice De Toni and Mauro De Bona as Directors.  “What we have done,” points out the new Chairman, “represents a natural, physiological, widely expected transition, which maintains the Holding’s spirit as a family run business, whilst adding the value of two highly competent and strategic professionals to take the subsidiary forward into the future. In the face of the new challenges, which in a short time have significantly broadened the horizons of the Brovedani Group’s activities, it is useful to have people at our side with the appropriate cultural and professional tools to recognise and deal with the complexity of the present day and the future. The choice, of course, does not question the legacy of values that has always been at the core of our family and our entrepreneurial vision, and today is also deeply shared by the two new Directors.”