The railway bridge over the Isonzo in Gorizia.

Supporting local culture and the local area

Zollia Holding supports cultural activities with strong local links, in particular to the Friuli Venezia Giulia region and to the town of Gorizia.
Initiatives are identified, supported and directed – also entrepreneurially – in which culture is not just a one-off phenomenon but becomes an element that is part of and represents the area and is a driver of initiatives of economic, social and tourist interest, through medium to long term projects with stable local spin-offs.

In particular, there is a partnership with ICMThe Institute for Central European Cultural Meetings, which was founded in Gorizia in 1966, with “the objective of restoring, at a higher level than the purely political and economic, a fabric of relationships, values and traditions that was rent by the first and then the second world war”: through the conferences, the exhibitions and the publications of ICM, Gorizia became a “symbolic centre symbolizing a Europe in the middle for comparison and daily dialogue between east and west, north and south, the Latin, Slav and German world, minorities and majorities”. This mission was embraced and shared by Zollia Holding because of its intrinsic value, its local and global vocation, and the possibility of wide and long-term concrete developments.

Zollia Holding’s support to ICM, in particular today, focuses on three integrated projects:

  • the creation and promotion of a European Cultural District centred on Gorizia and involving the eastern part of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in Italy and the neighbouring areas of Slovenia and the Austrian regions of Carinthia and Styria;
  • the upcoming printing of a multilingual and multicultural online magazine, Kadmos with a clear European focus;

The support for the area by Zollia Holding draws on the inheritance of the family and its commitment to the heritage and culture of Gorizia: from the improvement of Senigallia Park to the promotion of the frieze with The story of humanity by Guglielmo Riavis, in the school Istituto Professionale “R.M. Cossar – Leonardo da Vinci” of Gorizia through an original publication of which we offer and exclusive and partial web edition. GO TO