A family and its values

After 46 years at the helm, on 29 October 2018 Benito Zollia retired as Chairman of the Brovedani Group and became honorary Chairman: the replacement at the same time of the Board of Directors of the industrial Group united the Zollia family to the well-established group of senior executives, as desired by Benito: “I felt the need for this handover to occur within the family, the need for the handover to have the extraordinary force of the two families that always supported me: the natural family and the extended family of the people at Brovedani. I wanted to pass on the baton to a team that had created, day after day, our competencies and our perspectives.”
On 23 December 2019, the founding of Zollia Holding as a family company and as the holding company of Brovedani Group confirmed this orientation and continuity.

From the left Massimiliano, Alessandro, Benito and Valentina Zollia.

Zollia Holding was born from the shared desire of our family to support, orientate and foster an entrepreneurial project that started in 1972; grown and consolidated in the world to the most advanced levels of engineering, through the subsidiary Brovedani Group; inspired by the values instilled by the founder Benito Zollia, and his vision of the interaction of life and work. With him, and like him, we believe in the courage of enthusiasm which is guided by consistency of thought; in innovative curiosity, supported by realistic humility; in confidence in team work that is guided by people who take responsibility for their decisions.

On this basis, we want Zollia Holding to become the main instrument to consolidate and enhance inside and around the subsidiary Brovedani Group, a heritage of resources and indissoluble assets: financial and industrial, human and intellectual, of knowledge and method, technology and market, of constructive, reciprocal and forward-looking relationships.

As citizens of the world, we aim to keep the subsidiary on the path of sustainable development with a sense of Corporate Social Responsibility that has led us to incorporate ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria into company policy and management of investments.

The Italian constitution opens with the words “Italy is a democratic republic founded on work” and as Italians we agree that work is the bedrock of society, and that it nourishes the area in which we live and work through companies whose roots are in the area and their culture.

As a family, we want to maintain in our entrepreneurial project the original DNA and original spirit, this wealth of experience and values that was generated by the seed planted in 1972 and has been continually remodelled to deal with change.

We are confident about the future because know the force and the direction of our roots and we continue to cultivate the terrain that feeds them.
Only people who know where they have come from know where they are going to.

The Zollia Holding Brand

The Zollia Holding brand expresses with technical rigour a humanistic concept: the deep and harmonious link between Family, Business and Society, represented symbolically by the pictogram with the three plaited seeds. The geometric construction is based on the golden ratio that confers mathematical harmony on the graphic creation. The height of “ZOLLIA” (Trajan font) is in a golden ratio with “HOLDING” (Gotham font). The length of “ZOLLIA” is in a golden ratio with the length of the pictogram. The pictogram is in turn based on a deconstructed a clover, obtained from three circles that intersect at the apices of an equilateral triangle, and the diameters of which are cut from the triangle itself, generating two segments that are in a golden ratio to one another. A rigorous construction that also brings to mind the tèkne (technique and art) and the precision of the Brovedani Group.

The Brera Altarpiece or Montefeltro Altarpiece

Chosen as a salient iconographic motif of the Zollia Holding website, the San Bernardino altarpiece (or Brera altarpiece) or Montefeltro altarpiece, a work of Piero della Francesca, dated 1472, is one of the greatest masterpieces of the Renaissance and of painting of all time. A work with infinite meanings and interpretations and unsurpassed harmony, it raises to the highest aesthetic and conceptual levels the achievements of perspective and the ars pingendi of the fifteenth century. It encapsulates the noble synthesis between science and humanism, between the power of technique and centrality of humans, that becomes a source of inspiration also for business culture.

Piero della Francesca,
Madonna with child and saints,
angels and Federico da Montefeltro
(altarpiece of San Bernardino)
@Pinacoteca at Brera, Milan