Above, there is an image that summarizes the technological challenges of Brovedani Group. In the centre, there is a component for the automotive industry, which is obtained by turning and drilling over 700 holes with a diameter of less than 0.1 mm. On the left, there is a component made by 3D printing and designed for planned production systems that were FIRST ENGINEERED by Brovedani.

To be precise

Zollia Holding was born from the industrial humus of Brovedani Group, and is committed to maintaining the fruitfulness of the values and points of strength that have contributed to the success of the industrial Group. A style and manner of operating that still draws its inspiration from the company motto: “to be precise”.

Brovedani Group

With about a thousand employees, six companies and eight production facilities in Italy, Mexico and Slovakia, Brovedani Group is one of the world’s cutting-edge engineering subcontracting companies and today it is also a leader in the supply of a complete technological-organizational service geared to Manufacturing 4.0.
Based in San Vito al Tagliamento, in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, Brovedani Group works in compliance with shared approaches and consolidated values, the result of a story that started in Pordenone in 1947, when the first core business was founded that was then scaled up to mass production levels by the acquisition in 1972 by Benito Zollia and Felice Macuz.
The Group’s strong points are organization and creativity, which are reflected in many innovations in the field of B2B engineering, both in product conception and in the parallel and interfunctional conception of productive processes and their industrialization. This innovative spirit contributed to the success of Brovedani Group, which became a strategic supplier of multinationals like Bosch, Continental, Denso, Delphi, Eaton, Hidria, Hitachi, Marelli, Mahle, Sanden, Thyssenkrupp and others. After joining the FreTor group, Brovedani Group also became a one stop shop” for companies seeking innovative engineering solutions (from automation to components) in different sectors and for different markets.
The Group uses advanced production and control systems for long production runs of engineering components, with high standards of quality and technological specialization.
Advanced engineering services moreover enable dedicated product processes to be developed also by designing and engineering special customized machines, automation, integrated multitechnologies, and a problem-solving approach to customer needs.
Brovedani quality has been based for many years on organizing by processes, supported by a state-of-the art information-management system and based on a work dimension that enhances human resources and takes its inspiration from the strictest quality engineering criteria.

Culture is the star of Brovedani Group’s institutional communication, through the classic calendars dedicated to Italian stars of science, technology, business and art: a project that started in 1993 and which continues until today.