The new website: the commitment to communicate

By publishing the new website, Zollia Holding embarked on a communication journey that will also involve the subsidiary Brovedani Group and today pursues three objectives:     

  • presenting the philosophy, the business culture, the strategic direction and the governance of the holding;
  • announcing with transparency and continuity: choices, decisions, activities, appointments and reports that relate to the holding, its dealings with the Brovedani Group and the stakeholders in general;
  • having a channel that enhances and expresses the sense and the aims of the participation of the holding and the Zollia family in entrepreneurial, social and cultural projects where it is a promoter or player.

In this way, the website has a function that is at the same time institutional, informative and cultural.    

The dynamic part of the website– the section In the foreground – aims to receive and disseminate future communications and content, as an official source of Zollia Holding, also for the benefit of journalists or third parties. The evolution of the website will be shared and managed by an editorial team that will involve specialists of various areas who collaborate with Zollia Holding in “informal” bodies with specific consulting and informational functions.

The style and setting of the website aim to optimize a modus operandi that draws its inspiration from three key words that guide the thoughts and actions of the holding: family, business, society. The commitment to communicating thus becomes the commitment to giving voice and form to a business project that bears the stamp and embodies the values of a family that starts with the people and the geographical areas where the subsidiary manufacturing Group operates, which in a wider sense strives to be a complementary and constructive part of the social fabric where it is rooted, providing at the same time stimulation and ideas that are open to the future and to change.

Enjoy browsing.